"Rock ain't dead yet...."

Story behind the name

Initially, the name was decided to be "LazerBlade" which was inspired by the first name of the vocalist & guitar player as they are also the founding members of the band. Something was missing  and wasn't going too well with the theme of the band. Well, after some time of struggling to come up with a name, it may sound crazy but one night while Blade was looking out the window around 2 am (yup, that's right!) he saw a huge Canadian lynx cat roaming around in his neighbourhood. Can you guess by now? Yup, a light bulb moment! Soon he decided - Lynx it is! Next day, Lazer decided to put the cherry on the cake and changed Lynx to Lÿnx. 

Lazer Wild

Lead vocals, backing vocals

The frontman of Lÿnx, a very talented rock vocalist & songwriter from Calgary has always been passionate about singing since childhood. Started his music career as a vocalist of a southern rock band, he got his one of a kind name from a local radio channel competition to win a ticket for one of his favourite bands AEROSMITH. His charming personality & massive vocal range gives the band their uniqueness. Besides music, Lazer loves hunting, rock climbing, bowling & he is also involved in other outdoor sports & activities.


Lead, Rhythm Guitars, backing vocals

Blade got his name from his high school band for his daring attitude and for his interest in different type of swords, knives and other sharp things. He picked up his first guitar at the age of 15 after listening to GnR's Appetite For Destruction & to this day he believes, that one album changed his life and brought him close to music. He is a multi instrumentalist and highly inspired from 80s music. Besides Rock n' Roll, he is an entrepreneur, an audio engineer, RGT Registered Guitar Teacher, martial artist and action figure collector. 


Bass, backing vocals

skate-boarder for life, his skills on skate boards are just as fascinating as his bass playing. Originally from Ontario, he grew up in a musical family & picked up the bass after getting inspired from a local artist. He says he loves the chest hit from the bottom-end boomy sound of the bass guitar & his love for the instrument shows while he plays. He is also an excellent songwriter. And how did he get the name 'Fangs'? Well that's a secret for now!


Drums & Percussions

A Heavy Foot & Crazy Fast Limbs are what got Flash his name. He is the final piece added to Lÿnx. He looks to bring energy and a love for all things Rock n' Roll to the stage. Originally from Ontario this mechanic knew all his life there was something missing. After playing Drums in high school & after years of wanting a kit he finally bought one & became instantly obsessed. His biggest influences are John Bonham, Neil Peart, Tommy Lee & Gabe Helguera. He also enjoys working on Trucks, exploring outdoors, an avid reader of Graphic Novels & Comic books & is a true Collector at heart.