Lÿnx is a Hard Rock/Hair metal four-piece band currently based in Calgary, Canada formed in 2020 during the pandemic. Connected by a shared love of 80s hair metal and hard rock, the band immediately set about writing original songs that embody the style and swagger of the past, while embracing the polished production and down to Earth grit of their more modern rock influences. The band has gained popularity through many live performances within Canada and various reviews on many media platforms in Europe & North America. Having gained a reputation for their anthemic choruses, sizzling guitar solos and powerhouse vocals, Lÿnx have garnered a dedicated and eclectic international fan base. The band aims to build on the momentum created by their released music and push their sound into even more extreme and rock and roll places.


JAGUR - Vocals

BLADE - Guitars

FANGS - Bass

FLASH - Drums



Canadian debut EP Lÿnx instantly takes you to the 80s, by the sounds it evokes and the themes it contains. The shrimp spirit is well embodied, and you'll have to see that they're capable of an LP.” - Alex A.

Confined Rock

A brilliant release that defies expectations and stays true to the band’s sound, Lÿnx's debut EP is the sound of a band finding their feet amongst turmoil, and if they can do the same for their album, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.” - Thomas Bedward

Broken 8 Records

All in all, this is an excellent debut that was recorded in the most trying of circumstances and I am already looking forward to the first full-length Lÿnx album.” - Sparky

CGCM Radio/Podcast


> Lÿnx's Second EP 'Long Live Rock n' Roll' was nominated in YYC Music Awards for the 'Best Rock Album Of The Year.'

> ERB Radio's DJ Bruce Hotchkies listed Lÿnx as one of the top 12 Canadian bands to watch out for in recent times. (Published in ERB Magazine, UK issue # 16)






. Wayne Stock Music Festival 2023 (Drumheller, Canada)

. Alternative Waves Music Festival 2023 (Medicine Hat, Canada)

. Serenade Metal Fest 2023 (Edmonton, Canada)

. Decimate Metal Fest 2022 (High River, Canada)

. Alternative Waves Music Festival 2022 (Medicine Hat, Canada)





Long Live Rock n' roll






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