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Shake It Up



Crazy Crazy World (Single)

Lÿnx on the way up with the spectacular 'Crazy Crazy World'!”

Excess Magazine

Powerful & Wild Sleaze Metal! Between Heavy Metal, Hard Rock sounds, Canadian Lÿnx offer us all their street rage that can remind us of the first Guns n' Roses”

Book of Legacy - Music Archive

With Lÿnx and their single Crazy Crazy World, the spirit of the 1980s meets the modern age!” - Philipp Gottfried

She Wolf Magazine

Lÿnx bring the intensity on latest single Crazy Crazy World” - Cole

Artist's Central

Lÿnx (Ep) 2021

A brilliant release that defies expectations and stays true to the band’s sound, Lÿnx's debut EP is the sound of a band finding their feet amongst turmoil, and if they can do the same for their album, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.” - Thomas Bedward

Broken 8 Records