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Crazy Crazy World (Single)

Crazy Crazy World (Single)

Lÿnx on the way up with the spectacular 'Crazy Crazy World'!”

Excess Magazine

Powerful & Wild Sleaze Metal! Between Heavy Metal, Hard Rock sounds, Canadian Lÿnx offer us all their street rage that can remind us of the first Guns n' Roses”

Book of Legacy - Music Archive

With Lÿnx and their single Crazy Crazy World, the spirit of the 1980s meets the modern age!” - Philipp Gottfried

She Wolf Magazine

Lÿnx bring the intensity on latest single Crazy Crazy World” - Cole

Artist's Central

        Lÿnx (Ep) 2021

Lÿnx (Ep) 2021

A brilliant release that defies expectations and stays true to the band’s sound, Lÿnx's debut EP is the sound of a band finding their feet amongst turmoil, and if they can do the same for their album, it’s going to be one hell of a ride.” - Thomas Bedward

Broken 8 Records

Canadian debut EP Lÿnx instantly takes you to the 80, by the sounds it evokes and the themes it contains. The shrimp spirit is well embodied, and you'll have to see that they're capable of an LP.” - Alex A.

Confined Rock